Friday, January 07, 2011

Shine On, January

Ceiling at Rolf's, Gramercy

Christmas Holiday decorations are slowly starting to come down.  The wreaths in my office have disappeared. Residential blocks are lined with browning fir trees, awaiting the next trash collection.  Twinkle lights are slowly fading - lost to storage until the holiday season rolls around again.

This is a rough time of year, when winter is still very winter-y but a whole lot less twinkle-y.

You know what helps cure those winter blues?  Mulled wine.  You know where you should go get some?  Rolf's Bar & Restaurant in Gramercy.

The place is bedecked & bedazzled with decorations still (rumor has it they'll be up til the end of the month) and it's really a sight to see. Garlands, icicles, porcelain dolls, santa statues, angel figurines, pine cones, glass ornaments, strings of beads, and lots and lots of twinkle lights hang down low from the ceiling.  The lighting is soft, the atmosphere is warm, and the mulled wine (while not exactly cheap) will cure what ails you.  It's a welcome respite from January's cold, gray sidewalks. 

Rolf's - they're winning at January!

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