Saturday, January 01, 2011

Looking Back & Leftovers

On New Year's Day, I like to flip through my journal and calendar from the past year.  See where I came from before I try to make a guess on where I might be going.

I also reviewed all my pictures from last month; December sure was pretty. Below are some shots that didn't make it into the December Photo Project series.

Christmas Collage #2
Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint; 6th Avenue decorations

Christmas Collage #1
Radio City Music Hall; Cartier

Christmas Collage #3
Tiffany's & 57th Street; Bergdorf Goodman's wreathed windows

Dear December: Thanks for being all shiny and twinkly 'n stuff.

Dear January: Here we go.  Take it easy on me, ok?  If you can mix some shine in with your sleet, I'd be pleased as (rum) punch.

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