Monday, December 20, 2010

Do You See What I See?
December Photo Project Day #20

Church on W 46th Street
St. Luke's Lutheran Church, W. 46th Street

There is so much to LOOK AT around town, this time of year.

I mean, there's always something to look at in the city. But this time of year, it seems more likely you'll catch a glimpse of something fun (like animatronic elves or a tower of potted pointsettias) rather than something...urban (like a dead pigeon or a woman in a bra selling incense) (for example). 

Of course, dead birds and overexposed sales-people still exist in December.  But maybe I'm just too distracted by all the twinkle lights to notice them?  I dunno.  Whatever the case, the city has just seemed more photogenic lately.

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