Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Making Me Feel I'm Home

View of the Hudson & Jerz
Hudson River and beyond

Hello, blog. I am back from vacation, from aways’ville, from Europe – land of pay toilets, history, destruction, cathedrals, Coke Light, coffee, and cake.

It was good to go. It is good to come back.

I am tired – not so much at surface level, but a deep-down, bone-marrow, heavy, tired kind of way. I stepped immediately into a busy week with little-to-no down time, so my eyes are focused on the weekend for recovery. Sleeping in? Naps? Watching mindless movies? I hope so.

Want to hear something dumb? When considering whether or not to buy my airfare and take this trip, one (small) hesitation was that it would mean missing part of autumn in New York. I love autumn in New York. I didn’t want to miss a minute of October. Of course this wasn’t a real reason to delay, so I went ahead and booked the trip. And lo and behold, can you guess what I found in Europe?

Autumn. Naturally.

Budapest and Krakow were yellow with swirling leaves. (Not so much Vienna; that city just has fewer trees.) It was pretty wonderful to see. One day I will show you picture evidence, but not today. I haven’t even begun to process my 500+ photos.

So instead I’ll leave you with this image of Autumn in New York, circa 2009. “It’s good to live it again.

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