Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Brief

Central Park Tree #3, 10/25/09

I don't Twitter.

I'm not technologically un-savvy, exactly.  It's just - how much tech can one person take?  I've set my limits, drawn my boundaries, and they don't include Twitter.  So I'm patiently waiting it out and planning to hop on whatever social-networking/broadcasting bandwagon comes after Twitter.

However, this week has been a little hurried and harried.  And so in lieu of well-formed paragraphs, I thought I might best express myself in random 140-character-or-less statements.

Here goes - my Twitter-esque-apades:
Monday I was blue, but a good friend and a good meal put me on the road to recovery. #5NapkinBurgerSavedMyLife

Building management keeps my apartment so hot, I have to turn on the AC at night. :( Waste times two. #ThisAmericanLife

So proud of my friend @HD for showing her school who's boss. 98%! #She'sAWinner,ThatOne

My 75-yr old Scrabble friend raved about “Of Mice and Men” then said she was planning to read Ricky Martin’s autobiography next. #She'sLivingLaVidaLoca

My dental hygienist tortured me with sharp tools for 15 very painful minutes. But when she handed me a free toothbrush, all was forgiven. #WhatKindOfFoolAmI

One Improv class winding down, another about to begin. #Don’tStopTilYouGetEnough

Reading David and Goliath in Hebrew class. Gonna start referring to my enemies as ‘Philistines’ from now on. #KickingItOldSchool

If/when zombies attack I will be ill-prepared, 'cause I've been stockpiling cute scarves instead of weapons. #DoomedButStylin'

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