Monday, October 18, 2010

Run Down, Built Up

Table Tennis Club on UWS
Apropos of nothing; I just like that this place exists

I'm ten days into a cold that just won't quit. All the juice and tea and OTC meds I've consumed haven't done a whole lot to remedy the situation.  I'm feeling awfully run down.

And so I'm going to the doctor in a bit to demand some drugs. Because enough is enough!  This cold is not coming to Europe with me.

But enough about what's running me down lately; here's what's running my motor and making me smile:

1) Soap - Totes addicted to this late 70's/early 80's sitcom, starring Billy Crystal, Richard Mulligan, Kathryn Helmond, and well - everyone.  Everyone was on Soap, or so it seems.  God bless you, Netflix, for giving me access to all 4 seasons on-demand.

2) Chocolate Mate - I'm trying to avoid coffee/caffeine as much as possible.  But mate (rhymes with latte) tea is a good substitute while I wait out this cold - lots of flavor, not a lot of caffeine.  God bless you, South America, for giving us the miracle of mate.

3) Sara Bareilles' new album - this is my current go-to music for bopping around the apartment while I'm getting ready to go out, and also my evening homeward-bound commute soundtrack. God bless you, Sara, for knowing your way around a piano.

4) I'm also loving how nearly every hostel listing I've looked at in Krakow describes their facilities as "homely." God bless when things get lost in translation and make funny.

5) Speaking of funny, Subway Douchery nearly always makes me laugh.  It's funny, 'cause it's true.  (This older post is my all-time fave.)  God bless people who fly their freak flag on public transit, for the amusement/horror of the rest of us.

6) I heard the heat switch on in my apartment this weekend.  Building management controls when the heat is on (cold months) and off (warm months), and this weekend I heard the tell-tale clanks, rattles, and hisses that signal the radiators and heat pipes have come to life again after their summer dormancy.  God bless cooler temperatures and winter accessories. You're my favorite, and your future is now.

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Sarah said...

I started watching soap when I had surgery this spring. I hate to ruin it for you, but in case you, like I, were oblivious, they expected it to go on one more season. . .let's just say there are a LOT of cliff hangers in the last episode.