Monday, August 30, 2010

Brooklyn Invasion

Pirate Party

There was a pirate party in Brooklyn this past weekend. 

Our pretty pink cupcakes were ravaged by a group of rowdy swashbucklers.

Party animals? Yeah, we had those, too. A flock of geese flew over our backyard barbecue and used our grill-master for target practice.  Good thing they kept on flying - we were in no mood to share our RiceCrispies cake with them after that.

Our pirate (birthday) queens presided over the gathering in gold cardboard crowns, we filled our skull-and-cross-bones plates with good food and Booty, and sangria flowed alongside conversation and laughter.  The late-summer night air was warm but not too warm. We sat in folding chairs, looking up at the sky (you can see stars in Brooklyn!)

And it was a grand way to celebrate new homes, old friends, birthdays, and pirates.

(But not geese.) 

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