Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drum Lines & Detachment

I dig this video for OK Go’s song, “This Too Shall Pass.” Does it make you happy? It makes me happy.

Maybe because I, too, was in a marching band. Once upon a time. Back in high school. Did I ever tell you that? Yup, it’s true. I unabashedly loved marching band.

(Although if I was really so unabashed about it, would I bother to point out that I was unabashed? Wouldn’t I just tell you “I loved it”? So maybe I am a bit abashed. Nevertheless – I loved it. Truly.)

Watching this video brought back some fond memories. Our band wore purple jackets and white hats, kinda-sorta like they wear in the video. Only we didn’t have spats nor plumes. Because we were more sophisticated than that. Yup - sophisticated.

I was drawn to this video by the marching band (and because I love a good OK Go video), but I stayed for the song’s refrain: Let it go. This too shall pass. When the morning comes.

All thoughts I’ve been trying to embrace lately.
My commute to/from work is pretty much my only "alone time" during the week, so I try to use it for processing and thinking and reflecting.  And what I've been reflecting upon lately are some anger and hurts that I've been carrying around.  Carrying around for too long, probably.  I've noticed that I feel heavy because of them, and have wished I could just let it go already.

Rather than embracing a kind of Hindu/Buddhist notion of detachment, I'm wondering how to let it go in a Christian context. I’m guessing the answer is something like, “Give these things over to God.” Which sounds good and right, but also vague. These things I am carrying are intangible, and God – though omnipresent – is not physically present. How do I (practically speaking) let go and hand these things over to God?

That question is still unanswered, but I trust that the asking alone is a step in the right direction.

Let it go, let it go. This too shall pass. With a little help from above.

(And OK Go.)

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