Friday, May 14, 2010


Alcohol Frank quote

The late, great Mr. Frank Sinatra passed away on May 14th, 1998. 

On May 14th, 1998, I was at Beach Week in Duck, North Carolina, following my second year of college.  Some friends and I had rented a house, and we had just watched the final episode of Seinfeld when the news about Frank come on the TV.  The Voice was gone.

He had faults and flaws and a temper.  Mob connections?  Strained relationships.  But the man could wear a hat and snap his fingers and croon a tune like no other.

And when I hear The Voice - anytime I hear The Voice - I smile.

Here's to you, Frankie - irreplaceable, irascible, incandescent you.  Thanks for leaving behind the soundtrack to my smiles.

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