Friday, March 19, 2010


Banana Tree #2

I choose to believe that spotting random items in trees is auspicious.  In a good way.

I have no proof for this belief.

It is pretty much just something that I made up.

But when I wander by something unusual in a tree, such as a vacuum cleaner or a pair of bananas, I usually get the feeling that wonderous and weird happenings are afoot.  And I remind myself to stay present and watchful, for care that I don't miss them.

I remember that situations aren't always as they appear, that there is always the possibility you could be surprised. That there are things to smile about.  That what you're searching for could be in a place you least expect it.

I remember to look up.

Here's hoping wonderous and weird and surprising things show up on your agenda for the weekend. 

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Gotham Girl said...

That's a priceless photo!