Monday, February 01, 2010


Siskind Boots #2
Sarah Siskind's boots, Rockwood Music Hall, 1/30/10

BANaNAs came for a visit this weekend. We took in some Improv (because I can't seem to go a weekend without it, now), traipsed around town in the cold, sought refuge in West Village coffee shops, ate Venezuelan food in Chelsea, and listened to live music in the Lower East Side.

So all that was great.

But what was really great - what was respite for my soul - was just spending time with someone who knows. BANaNAs knows every note of the song I'm singing, 'cause she's singing it, too.

And there's a sweet sense of freedom that comes with not having to defend, justify, or explain yourself - a freedom to just be because you are understood.

Thanks, friend, for the company. All that, and cupcakes, too.

A good weekend.

Siskind Boots #3

Oh, my brother, help me when I walk
I've been running faster than I can talk now.
Oh, my sister, help me when I cry.
I want to dry the last tear from my eye.
Now, show me where to go.
Lead me down the road.
I don't know the way.
Teach me how to sing.
Tell me what to bring.
Anything you say, I am listening
I am listening.

-Sarah Siskind

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