Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The One with the Waggily Tail

The Pioneer Woman is having another photography contest today.  The theme?  Dogs.

I spent large chunks of my day staring at all these dog portraits.  Swooning & sighing over them.  They are heart-breakingly adorable and dear.  I have eighty-five most favorites, at least.

There are pictures of dogs running.  Is there anything more happy than a dog running?  Some of the photos show a dog holding something (stick, newspaper) in its mouth.  Is there anything cuter than that?  Some of the photos show a depth of emotion that you may never have thought possible in a canine.  Other pics are of dogs wearing hats and sweaters and cones-of-shame.  Some just have dogs sleeping.  Or riding in cars.  Or playing in snow.  So much cuteness - it's really been more than my little heart can bear.

I'm going to tell you something, but you have to promise not to judge me.  Ok?  Here goes: I've been talking to these photos.  Saying things like, "Aww, who's a good dog?" and "Hi, baby!" or "Look at da liddle precious schmoopy puppy!"  It's disgusting, admittedly, but I can't help it.  I just love dogs.

In fact, I almost stole one this weekend...

Relax! Of course I never would really steal a dog. But I did ponder committing the crime, just for a bit.

You see, I was out for my usual Sunday morning walk before church. And just north of 86th Street, I happened upon a Cairn Terrier, sitting outside a Starbucks.

He was attached to a leash, which was tied to a mailbox. He was devastatingly cute and looked so stinkin' sweet. As I passed by, I thought, "What if I just took him!?"

I know that would have been wrong (so wrong! and cruel!) but I almost couldn’t help myself. Because this terrier was unbelievably adorable. In that moment, as I walked by him and his puppy dog eyes met mine, I imagined what our life could be like together.

I would change his name to something hilarious and ironic, like “Randy” or “Bok Choy.” He would join me on my Sunday morning walks. Being a real people-pleaser, Randy would charm the guy at the fruit cart on 79th Street, who would start stocking dog treats for whenever Randy and I stopped by to purchase bananas.  The booksellers on Broadway would wave to us as we passed, saying things like, "Hey there!  That sure is a happy looking pup!"  And I would say, "Yes, sir, he sure is!"

If I was having a bad day, Bok Choy would snuggle with me on the couch while we watched episodes of “30 Rock” on Hulu.  And when the weather warmed, we would join a terrier meet-up group and take trips to the park, where Bok Choy could scamper with his furry friends while their owners and I discussed the joys of terriers as we sipped iced coffee.

But oh - alas - speaking of coffee.  Just as these scenes were flashing through my imagination, Randy/Bok Choy's owner emerged from Starbucks, latte in hand and goofy grin on his face.  Randy/Bok Choy's eyes lit up to see him, and I realized that our happily-ever-after could not be.  For this Cairn Terrier loved another.  And my window of opportunity for stealing him had closed.  (Not that I ever would have, anyways. I promise.)

Some day, though, some day I hope to have a terrier.  One acquired not through ill-gotten gains, but legitimate means.  One who wags his tail as I dress him up in plaid sweaters and take his photograph, to submit in a contest where every dog is a winner, because they're all just so darn cute.

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That City Girl said...

love this post :) we need to go to the park when the weather gets warmer & play 'name that dog'. are you going to submit a photo to this contest??