Tuesday, December 15, 2009

(Rock) Stars

Star collage

Friends to the rescue!

After reading my thinly-veiled cry for help regarding an un-ornamented Christmas tree, two of my Boston friends stepped in with sweet solutions.

SRH sent me a list of all these amazing crafty ideas for hand-made ornaments. If I don't set anything on fire or staple my finger to the couch during the crafting process, I will post some pictures of the finished products later this week.

MadDawg sent me a beautiful two-sided star (pictured above) to grace the top of the tree. Isn't it cool?

One side says "Hope" which is kind of my theme word du jour.* The other side is a fun and festive collage of images.

[If you're wondering what Bill Cosby, a puppy, and the Rotunda have to do with Christmas, then I suggest you take some time to examine your heart and see if the answer doesn't already dwell within you. Because it's pretty obvious to me.]

I'm excited to get my Christmas tree gussied up and looking festive. And I'm thankful for sweet friends!

*Yeah, that's right, I speak French. What's it to you, buster??

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