Monday, October 26, 2009

You'll Need No Castle In Spain

"Autumn in New York
Why does it seem so inviting?
Autumn in New York
It spells the thrill of first-nighting

Tree #2 in Central Park, 10/25/09

Glittering crowds and shimmering clouds
In canyons of steel
They're making me feel
I'm home

Central Park Gazebo, 10/25/09

It's autumn in New York
That brings the promise of new love
Autumn in New York
Is often mingled with pain

Moldy Mini Pumpkin

Dreamers with empty hands
May sigh for exotic lands
It's autumn in New York
It's good to live it again."

(Lyrics by Vernon Duke.)

(Sung to me by my Frankie, over and over as we (Frankie, my iPod and me) walk through the parks and down the sidewalks littered with leaves. I take deep breaths and sigh big sighs. Autumn in New York. It's been mingled with pain. But it is good to live it again.)


That City Girl said...

once again, beautiful pics, kw.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics! I miss fall in NYC!