Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teach Your Children Well

Stoop Sitting on 42nd Street

Breaking News: Today is my Daddyo’s birthday. Happy Birthday to him!

And here’s a fun factoid for you, gentle readers: Former President William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton was also born on this day, the exact same day/year as my dad!

I always liked Prez Clint1 – say what you will about his personal life (and admittedly/regrettably, there is a lot to say), the man passed a balanced budget. And fiscal responsibility scores big points with this registered voter.

But I digress; I didn’t come here to talk about politics and presidents, though I do intend to have something to say about the latter real soon, mostly because my brother keeps trash-talkin’ me about my favorite dead presidents and casting aspersions on their characters - aspersions that I am ill-equipped to defend against given my truly limited knowledge of the administrations of our country’s past executive office holders, which is something I hope to ameliorate via an upcoming presidential blogging project.

That was a really long sentence. Moving on…

So, as I was saying, today is my dad's birthday. And that digression on balanced budgets wasn't entirely unrelated, as my dad is a budgeting champ. Growing up, he was an excellent example to me of personal fiscal responsibility. I credit him with instilling in me good budgeting & saving sensibilities. And I'm super grateful for that.

I also got my love of spreadsheets from my father. That man loves a good Excel document, and so do I. So do I. Is that strange? Or lovely? Yeah, I think it's lovely, too. Life is just so much sweeter and neater with an Excel spreadsheet, that's what I always say.2

I owe my sense of humor to my dad as well. Even if he doesn't always quite get me nowadays, he heavily influenced what I find funny by introducing my brother and I to movies like Airplane!, the Police Squad & Naked Gun series, and the old-school Peter Sellers' Pink Panther flicks. It's fun to hear him still laugh while watching these movies, or when we exchange favorite lines from them at the dinner table.

So, Happy Birthday, Daddyo! I love discovering more and more each day how I am my father's daughter. You set me a good example, and I'm good and thankful for it.

1Don’t hate ‘cause I abbreviate.
2Actually I've never before said that, but I certainly aim to start.

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