Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Gimp Chronicles
Episode 10: Bye Bye Bootie

After a month of step-clomping around town, it was time to return to Dr. Z to reassess my stress fracture situation. Tootsie and I arrived at the doctor's office feeling fairly apprehensive. Or rather, I was apprehensive. Tootsie remained nonchalant.

Dr. Z took updated x-rays of my left foot. Had Tootsie done her job? Was the fracture healed? Dr. Z reviewed the films while I waited, nervously, for the verdict.

When he told me that the x-rays showed evidence of bone callouses, I inwardly groaned. More bad news!? Crap.

But no - wait - turns out that bone callouses are a good thing! Evidence of healing! I'm on the mend!

Dr. Z then said the sweetest words to me: "I think you can stop wearing the boot now." Oh, I could have kissed him. I didn't, of course. But I could have, so happy was I to hear those magical words. Bye bye, bootie!

I'm in the midst of a two-week trial run of boot-free living. At the end of two weeks, I'll return to the doctor for another reassessment. Hopefully all will continue to be well. If I continue to have pain and swelling, Tootsie may have to resume her immobility duties temporarily.

But I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. I'm ready to be rid of her. Quite frankly, the boot's become like a bad houseguest: she's overstayed her welcome and she's starting to smell.

Wish us luck on our trial separation! So far, it's agreeing with me. I can't speak for Tootsie, though; I shoved her under a far corner of my bed and haven't seen her in awhile. (Now, don't you go feeling sorry for her - she has plenty of dust bunnies to keep her company.)

Tootsie Free!
My footsie in Central Park: Now Tootsie- and fancy-free!

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