Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Gimp Chronicles
Episode 7: Boot Sisters

Friendly Feets:
BANaNAs, Jolene & I pedi-posed on Martha's Vineyard last month

Today is the two-week anniversary of my reluctant alliance with Tootsie, the Surgical Boot. Two weeks down, and (hopefully) only two weeks more to go before my left foot can once again find freedom in flip-flops. There will be dancing on that happy day. Oh yes, there will be dancing.

Since I took up with my Tootsie, I've been seeing plenty of gals limping around the city with Tootsies of their very own. When Dr. Z initially handed down my diagnosis, he revealed that I was his 3rd stress-fracture case that day. And it was only noon! So I knew I would not be alone: there were others out there, step-clomping through the city alongside me.

As I slowly made my way to the subway that evening, I saw two women with boots. One of them had a cane. This made me feel better. "See?" I pep-talked myself, "You're not alone. And at least you don't have a cane."

Later that night, boarding a Manhattan-bound 1-train leaving the Bronx, I sat down across from another booted girl. "Aha!" I thought, "We are everywhere."

Friends have joined in encouraging me this way, as well. "Just saw a girl with a boot," my friend Tiff texted me over the weekend, "You are not alone!"

This afternoon, on my way to the library and lunch, I rode the elevator with a co-worker who - noticing Tootsie - commented, "I've seen so many people with those boots lately!" Yup, I told her, we're out there.

Out in force, it seems. A stress-fractured limpy-gimpy force with which to be reckoned.

Still, I really want out of this club. Eyes on the prize - two more weeks!

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