Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hello, Blog

Please know, I think about you (most) every day. Here's how my thoughts go - "I need to write on my blog."

Sometimes I make little lists of things that I want to write on you. I make lists on yellow post-it notes, and in the little pink-flowered notebook that I'm always carrying, and also sometimes I get official and business-like and make a list in a Word document, which I save on the desktop of my computer at work. Sometimes I think ambitious thoughts and I print out the Word document list, bring it home with me on a Friday afternoon, plan to work on these planned blogs over the weekend. I do not, though. Somehow there is not enough time. So the official print-out gets put out with the recycling on Sunday night.

So goes it in other areas of my life, too, Blog. You are not alone in your neglect. I also have mental lists of people I need to email, friends that deserve a phone call, letters that are long over-due to be written. I have a folder stuffed with scraps of paper containing scratches of writing that are meant to be turned into poems, but the poems have yet to be written. And some of those scraps are years old already.

I have the best of intentions to do these things. It kinda drives me nuts, a little, that I so consistently don't do these things. Somehow I need to find a method of ratcheting up my best-of-intentions, to turn them into a volition with enough velocity to get me over the hump of inactivity.

I'm open to suggestions.

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