Thursday, February 12, 2009

That's a New One

I'll admit it: I'm a subway-sleeper. I fall asleep while riding the subway. Often.

I'm kind of like a baby - put me in a moving vehicle (any moving vehicle - trains, cars, busses, planes) and I'm rendered nearly powerless to stay awake. And so my eyes close and I take a little involuntary siesta.

I'm pretty good at it, too. I can fall asleep to the point of dreaming, and yet I almost never miss my stop on the train. Have to include that "almost" qualifier, because I did miss my stop...once. And that was a doozy, because I ended up in a shady part of Washington Heights at 2am as a result. But it all turned out ok. So yeah....I'm pretty good.

Also have to include that "pretty" qualifier, because recently I did engage in some subway-sleeping which was not so great. In short: I fell asleep standing up on the R-train one night, frightening the passenger who was sitting in front of me, and (probably) nearly causing bodily harm to both her and myself. An isolated incident, though, and it all turned out ok. Trust me, kids: I know what I'm doing. I've been cat-napping on subways for eight years.

And yet - I've never gone this far:

This guy came prepared for a serious nap, with that little manly-man eye mask he's sporting. Spotted him this morning during my commute. I admired his chutzpah. I admired his commitment to sleep. I admired the fact that he clearly doesn't care what others might be thinking of him, nor that bratty fellow passengers might be snapping his picture on their camera phone to later post on the world wide web. No, he's beyond such petty considerations. He's living the dream, catching some ZZZZ's on the R-train. Way to go, subway-guy!

You are my Hero of the Day.

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