Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snippings of Life

In case any of you dear four (4) readers out there are laboring under the misconception that my life is all "Sex and the City" and glamorous here in the Big Apple, I should inform you that in the past week I've declared my sex-less state on a street corner in Brooklyn, gotten locked out of my apartment in the snow, had coffee spit on me (yup, "spit" not "spilt"), and tonight on the N train I was jolted out of a melancholy reverie by a loud snip-snip-snipping, the source of which was a man sitting opposite me cutting his finger nails. In public! Without shame! And apparently without regard to his fellow passengers, who were undoubtedly getting ricocheted by bits of his DNA as he clip-clip-clipped away.

So this is my New York. Neither sexy nor glamorous, but the mess is all mine.


Anonymous said...

oh nail clippings. Ick. That is my #2 pet peeve. And I will need to hear the coffee story please. -md

Sonja said...

OK-- so I'm not the only one that this has happened to!!!!! On at least three different occasions on the N I've experienced the same (unfortunate) phenomenon! GROSS!!! And the clippings were flying all over the place and going all over the floor-- disGUSting. BLECH!