Sunday, December 07, 2008

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

Daily December Photo #7: carol-singing and
tree-lighting, Park Avenue @ 91st

I'm tuckered and still-chilled from a good winter weekend. We had our first snow fall last night! CynD and I walked between falling flakes on our way to a neighborly holiday party.

This morning I trekked first to the West Village for church, then headed downtown for coffee, before dashing to see a movie in Murray Hill (with Bond's blue eyes, who needs plot?). Also, whoever does not agree that Diet Coke, Twizzlers and popcorn make the perfect lunch is wrong. Just wrong.

After the movie, A-D and I caught up on life while riding the 6-train north to the old 'hood. Made my second Starbucks trip of the day to grab some warmth in a cup, before heading to the 64th Annual Park Avenue Tree-Lighting festivities. A thousand+ fellow onlookers and I sang carols before the big to-do: a switch flipped and trees illuminated up and down the avenue.

Located a friend in the crowd; I had some papers to give her related to a writing project. Six blocks and six flights of stairs later we were settled in her cozy apartment with chamomile tea, and I soaked up some of her life wisdom.

Then it was back out into the cold. Under the river and through the tunnel to Brooklyn. Back into the cold, or rather, the ice-box that is my apartment. My "good things" thoughts right now are trending towards warm socks and lottsa quilts & covers - thankful for the last 24 hours of fun that make me (almost) ready to face another Monday.

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