Friday, December 19, 2008

On the Nineteenth Day of Christmas

Daily Photo: W. 57th Street lookin' holiday-riffic

A busy week. Monday feels like a year ago, which reminds me of one of my favorite Seinfeld quotes, when Kramer quips on the Merv Griffin set: "El Paso - I spent a month there one night." Ba-dum-bum.

Where was I? Oh right: busy week. Busy month. Busy year. Being busy has been good for me in many respects. But I'm also feeling a deep nagging that a little rest, quiet, and slowness would be good for me as well right about now. Luckily - here I am at Friday! Two days of rest stretching out before me, and I'm looking forward to a little hang-out time with myself. I might take myself on a coffee date. I might nap. I will try to subjugate my To-Do list - remembering that my To-Do list was made for me, and not me for my To-Do list. (I think I read that somewhere...)

Most of all, I'm hoping to spend some time just thinking about what we're celebrating next week. What is this - this Christmas? I want to receive it gratefully. I want to be really shocked at the rudeness of the stable, and really amazed at the goodness of the news. I don't want to rush past it. I want to be a shepherd, sitting on a hill and waiting.

So, wish me luck with my resting and waiting. (Historically I have not been very good at either endeavor.) And I'm wishing for a good weekend for you's!

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