Thursday, December 04, 2008

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

No struggle today as to what to give thanks for - Thursday mornings always leave me feeling deeply grateful for the community God has given me.

I left my apartment building at 6:20am, locking three (3) doors on the way out. (The number of locked doors standing between my apartment and the street is very important to my mother. She quizzed me about it once over Thanksgiving weekend, and then once again, apparently just to see if my story was consistent.)

The sky hung soft and grey over Brooklyn this morning. A diner on the next block was open but empty, one lone employee standing behind the counter and looking sleepy. As I approached the entrance to the subway, the lights of the F and G trains moved slowly over the bridge in the distance ahead. I caught the D train; the floor was sticky and the guy sitting next to me reeked of smoke. I exited at Rockefeller Center, headed above ground for some fresh air, crossed the street and entered our cozy Cosi.

This is where we meet for bible study every Thursday, 7a.m. Tucked in at a back corner table, most weeks we are the only customers sitting in the place. The Cosi staff knows us now; one nice lady has begun making my bagel order each week before I even have to ask. In a city of 8+ million people, it's nice to be known (even if only as "Cranberry-Orange w/lite cream cheese" girl).

But at the back corner table, I'm known even beyond my bagel preferences. And I am so thankful for these sweet girls, who continue to listen to my prayer requests week after week, long after I had begun to feel like a broken record. These girls who check in with me, who email me bible verses to remind me of what is truer than my daily emotions. Who encourage me with their faith and wisdom. Who allow me to share in their struggles and successes. My Thursday mornings are a very good thing because of them.

Daily Photo #4: Sonja's and my feet,
underneath our table this morning.

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