Monday, December 15, 2008

On the Fifteenth Day of Christmas

Daily Photo: Look familiar to you '30 Rock' fans?

I was brave tonight, folks. I'm not going to spell out the specifics here, but take my word for it: brave. And then what happened? Well, I felt just a little bit proud of myself!

The 'good thing' that I want to highlight in this post is the notion of Boldery!, a.k.a. my MO for the past few months. I've been stretching and straining to do things that scare me, difficult things that don't come easily, pushing beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone. It hasn't always been fun. But I know it's a 'good thing.' I'm learning things about myself, out here in the beyond-comfort zone, that I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I'm (slowly) gaining confidence. I'm (warily) embracing the possibility of utter failure while still trying anyway. I'm baby-stepping towards Boldery!

It's growth. It's progress. It's difficult - especially for a girl who likes to play it safe, who typically does the bare minimum required to pass. It's tackling hard stuff because that's the only way up the mountain, and I'm tired of lolly-gagging in the valley.

A special thanks to my Boldery! cheer-leaders (you know who you are!) I couldn't have baby-stepped this far without you.

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That City Girl said...

yay for boldery!

(ps - love your post/pic a day. it's really inspiring me to get my butt in gear and post something, already!)