Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer of Sam

Big changes around here – I’m moving! To a far, far, far-away land called “Brooklyn.” But before I can transition across the river, I’ve got to pack up my worldly possessions, sort through old bank statements, dismantle my stereo & bookshelf, stuff cast-offs into bags for Goodwill, dust, mop, and scrub the current apartment. Well, that’s no fun. It’s summer – there are parks to prowl, museums to hide out in, a city to explore.

So in order to bribe myself into hunkering down to the moving task(s) at hand and forgetting outside distractions, I bought some new music to be the soundtrack to my packing endeavors. Sam Cooke: Portrait of a Legend is keeping me company as I sort and clean, and I am happy to have Sam around. His songs make me smile and remind me of those simpler times, like when your biggest worry was getting to the hop only to discover that your baby doesn't know how to cha-cha-cha.

Also, Sam and I do a phenomenal duet of "Bring It On Home to Me." I mean, seriously, we are real good. You can even ask my neighbors, although they might be too busy counting down the days until me and my vocal stylings move to be able to give you a response. But I know what they're thinking. Something along the lines of "Damn, that girl's got soul!"


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Anonymous said...

Curious minds want to know: when and where (in Brooklyn) are you moving? :)